Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ethan is now 3 days old..

Ethan is doing great! He is such a blessing. He is now 3 days old. All the children take their turn holding him, so he certainly doesn't "want" for attention. So here are so "more" pictures...

Kaylee "caring" for her little brother..

Here are my youngest "six"...Kaleb was at a friend's house.

Dad with his "youngest" two children.


Kolten Anderson said...

Wow I get another cousin. I can't wait to see him in person.

Ginger said...

He sure is one great looking boy!!!! Keep posting pictures!!!!

The Goldman Family said...

Can they come any cuter than that little boy?? No way! Thanks for posting more pics brother. Babies grow fast and change so much when they are little. I love him! The other kids look adorable too!

Destiny said...

He's so cute!!!! Wow.... what a little blessing you have there!

I hope I get to hold him while he's still a little guy.... we need to visit!! (beg my parents to come up... :D)

Love you all,

Mercy Kruse said...

Oh he is so cute. And he so much hair only for three days old.